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This is not about MOE not paying teachers enough. This is about the choices that the teachers make. If your personal preference is to live in a matured estate, then it's your decision that you make.

If you want to take NPL then it's also your choice which has an impact on your finances. Why would you blame moe for the fact that they don't pay you luxuriously enough that you can lead a life of doing nothing?
Actually, I think the point of that poster is to raise the fact that teachers' salaries have fallen behind a lot as compared to the past. Yes, there have been adjustments, but I think the cost of living has increased so much that the salary can no longer catch up.

Yes, we can indeed make our own choices. But for those who wish to have a family (i.e. 1 or more kids - which the civil service ironically encourages despite salaries falling behind), they definitely have to sacrifice work and hence, income.

I don't think boomer teachers in the past have such serious consequences with making such choices. They can rise up quickly into the SEO ranks 20 years ago and raise 2 kids, with some small struggles perhaps, but not as bad as today's teachers (who are also parents). They at least are able to still spare sufficient time and finances with their kids while working full-time.

Why do you think more and more teachers simply choose to remain single, or childless now?

To be fair in this argument though, I think all sectors in Singapore are facing this issue. But statistically speaking, teachers' salaries have indeed fallen behind as compared to the past (considering the cost of living then and now).
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