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What made u choose a chain vs OPS? Salary is same right, i am getting 160k per year in ops
That's good for u. I left public service once my bond ended and after my first maternity leave. Work life balance is important to me. I was working in the polyclinic and just completed my GDFM.

I find polyclinic work to be too tiring and strenuous for me. Physically, I don't have the stamina for it. I even manage to negotiate for no calls and to work parttime to extend my bond. I had my reasons for it and my superior agreed.

Singhealth was good to me. Didn't ask me to fulfill my one year undertaking for sponsoring my GDFM. They even turned a blind eye to me locuming on my off days outside.

Private is less stressful as we see fewer patients and less complicated ones compared to OPS. Pay was also better. Locumed for 10 years. Enjoyed the freedom and flexibility.

Leave is up to me to arrange as a locum since it is no pay leave, don't have to feel bad taking it and much easier to take leave when I need to.

Also learnt different things locuming like how to do rapid HIV tests and do proper health screening.

I am not going to take MMed FM. Just maybe more graduate diplomas as they will help me with my job.

Most I earned as a locum was S$150k a year and S$15k a mth only for one mth though. Ha ha as I said I don't have the stamina to work long hrs.

For the hrs I put in as a locum like 30 odd hrs a week, I mostly earned about S$130k a year.

I made my money like S$500k through property so that kinda makes up for my lower than average income.
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