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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Actually public bonus no need fight.
It's more egalitarian than u think

Reality is gdfmer dun do much other than see patient.
Even for that some of them suck.
What he or she think is admin work doesn't qualify for performance.
She think the m.meder just sit in workgroups and get A.
Haha. Ya.
So easy u go sit there and try lo. U think draw up a set of guideline is easy?
U dunno the amt of work that goes behind. Even create a new order on epic so much work.
See people song and jealous.

Sibei jialat this attitude. Doomed to fail for sure.
Aiyah. Not happy go private la, no one care what degree u have.
U want provide Ur theory go do and then continue to do the ' admin' work u doing and see whether u get a A or B lo.
You sound like a mmeder, and someone of seniority in ops.
I am just curious, when it comes to hiring in primary care/FM setting (can be ops/community hospital/gp land/fmc etc), is a gdfm worth/valued more than a masters in other speciality (E.g mrcp, mrcs, mrcem etc) or masters in family medicine but obtained in other countries (e.g mrcpuk/fracgp).

Reason I am asking is that I am seeing a lot of IM, ED, GS residents quitting, and they have these post graduate masters. Wonder how are these value compared to a gdfm, which quite frankly is just a diploma..
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