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My wife and I can retire at 55. We can sell our condo for $1.3 mil and buy a $500k four-room HDB flat, fully paid. We will then have excess $800k cash.

We can spend $5k pm ($60k pa) over 10 years from our age 55 to 65. We will still have remaining $200k cash at 65.

Our CPF Life and our dividends can give us $6k pm ($72k pa) from age 65 onwards. We look forward to our retirement at age 55. This is not early retirement as many people who are successful (especially bankers and lawyers) retire in their 40s.

We will leave behind our flat, savings and stocks when we die. Our children can spend these as they wish, travel the world, save or invest. They are well educated (we have invested our time and money bringing them up well) and should have good jobs with high salaries. They donít need our money.
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