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I finished my final interview. It was quite bad. Supposed to have 3 interviewers (including HR). But only 2 appear. They keep asking what dept in CSA you want to apply for. After I say pentest, they say most likely cannot because very few ppl can and they already won competitions and got cybersecurity certs. They seem to want full fledged cybersecurity ppl to join, which is strange because I thought it was a training program. Like if ppl already expert then why not directly apply as pentester instead of this program? And then they keep wanting to manage expectations and say are you flexible if we post you to any random dept that is not your choice?

Actually the whole journey already very stupid. They keep asking you to fill in the personal particulars form in a very specific way. I used a Mac and apparently cannot, and I got to somehow get a windows PC with adobe Acrobat just to fill in.
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