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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
hi, just wanted to share my timeline from application to offer for everyone who’s still waiting! this is with a ministry.

Before CNY 2023 - submit online application
1st week of Feb - informed by HR that i’m shortlisted for interview
3rd week of Feb - went for 1st round of interview before a panel, got a call back from HR the same day to arrange for 2nd round interview + fill up G50 form
4th week of Feb - supposed to have the 2nd round interview but it was cancelled, HR email to ask for my referee’s contact details as they are proceeding with the application
End of Feb - my referee told me that she has done her part
Early March - informed by HR via email that they’re processing the application, also received an email from the hiring manager on my application progress
Mid March - HR update that they shld be able to inform me of the official outcome of my application by end march, pending approval from senior management
End March (also this week) - received official email offer from HR

Salary offered was however much below my expectations so I’m still considering the offer, and hoping HR would be able to increase the salary.
Hi, thanks for the detailed sharing of your timeline. Did HR mention to you the salary only upon the confirmation of the written offer? Did they give u any range prior to that?
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