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I don't think NS is a disadvantage. Rather a platform where you push your limits and that's how you get to truly understand the type of person you are and that is something very valuable in life. You also get to gains leadership skills if you put in the effort.

But it really depends on who you are. Someone who complains about things outside his control or the one who uses it to their advantage. If you are the former, I am sure you have keng your time thru NS, so why ask for benefits?

Also if you want to complain about FT(s), might as well also complain about foreign companies (MNC) that come to Singapore, open their HQ here, and give you jobs. Close the doors to the outside world, and very soon Singapore will be dead. At the same time, you think of moving out, aren't you an FT to whichever country you move to?

I believe we get many benefits/privileges as citizens, from the lower cost of housing to education. Just by the means of being born here. And further you get your easy employment privileges in GLC and public sector. But guess what you want to work at "Foriegn" companies.

PS: of course, the world is not perfect. Want to cry about it?
sounds like some naive ginna that stays in an ivory tower.

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