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Hi guys, I have benefitted from this forum as this thread entertained me a lot when I first applied to be a DXO. So I thought I should share a little of my application timeline process (updated as at 2023) to give back to other promising peeps who are keen to join the DXO family when they see this!

- Canít say more but Iím not a fresh grad
- To each their own, this application experience is solely mine and might not mean that itíll happen for everyone.

Mid-end Decí23: Apply for role in
Mid-end Janí23: (1 month) Future supervisor contacted to ask for an interview
End-Janí23: Head down to interview on site at Gombak hq, office tour
Start-Febí23: Verbal confirmation + first contact with HR to submit medical declaration and supporting documents on
2nd Week of Febí23: G50 Security Clearance form created and to fill in details
Mid Febí23: 1 week after, asked to go for Security Vetting 1 week later
Mid-End Febí23: Security vetting session
End Marí23: HR got back with salary comp, schedule for signing

Security Vetting takes at least 2 weeks to be cleared, (mine took 18 days), but HR only contacted after another 2 weeks or so.

So total waiting time after Security Vetting session: 4-5 weeks

Based on my experience, it takes about 1-2 weeks for HR to revert to your email. They are super nice and friendly about it so I believe itís not intentional, the delay is probably due to lots of communication across departments to get definite approvals everywhere.

I got lucky with a nice supervisor who would keep me updated with my application (hence i knew when my security clearance gets cleared), but ultimately it still lies on the HR to get back to you.

I was in lots of anxiety waiting too, but I did notice that the role I applied got taken down around the time I submitted my G50 form in mid-Feb. So I had more faith that things will go well.

All the best everyone! I can say that I have not regretted waiting and am excited for my future!

Hi really appreciate the detailed timeline you have shared i just submitted my G50 clearance! Do you mind sharing what does the security vetting session entails? Do i have to take leave and go down for a face to face session?
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