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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Let me teach you easy way to know your CEP.
During open posting period, click to apply for position. Eg apply for any random SH position. If system says you canít apply, means your CEP is at geo5. Your cep has to be seo1 to be able to apply. HOD position seo2.
Found out the hard way when I tried to apple. My RO was shocked how I know my CePÖ.anyway, I obviously left that sch and hope new sch will raise my cep. If not then just be HOT
lol you never discussed with your RO in the past few years about your aspirations? Your RO should have been able to advise accordingly, and/or advocate for a CEP adjustment if the school finds you suitable. Or the management culture too toxic that they don't want to support you in your advancement?
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