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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
12 years in service.
Came in with diploma in 2011.
Got emplaced in 2016 to GEO2 after completing my degree.
Got my GEO 3 in 2019.
I believed that after emplacement my progression will be on par with my degree holder counter parts however its demoralising to realise my CEP is tagged to my entry as a diploma holder. Feels hypocritical to tell students that there are so many paths now when in actual fact moe itself differentiates based on merit even if we are doing the same jobs.
You have a degree. It's not bad already, same pace as the rest of the degree farmers. Those with only DipEd, and start from GEO1, many left service long ago already. Doing the same work, but collecting only half the pay, and taking twice as long to promote. Really not a pleasant feeling.

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