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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
U join chains most of them don't let u locum also on contract

It's a matter of don't get caught.
Find 1 or 2 clinic do there regularly. Dun give them trouble, they also don't give u trouble
Ops get caught is give u warning first one la. They know take away bonus pple sure quit one.

Also, u dun do funny things who go catch u.
Unless suay suay your CEO chong pui nah sick come Ur clinic get MC.
You can locum with the chain group. Most chain groups will reserve their slots for their own Drs. (Assuming that you are decent la) .
My friend in a chain group who work 4 long days (44hrs/week), will locum another 2-3 more sessions a week. (Additional 8-9 hrs), his max is work 6 full long days (4 days contracted 2 full days locum)
- his income confirm more than mmeder fp, well at least the junior ones that I spoke to in my polyclinic. (He say can get up to 240-280k/year) But of course he work much more lah. (He chose to chiong average up to 55-65 hrs a week, 44 hrs contracted, rest 10-20 locum, which varied weekly)

This is perfectly legal, don't need to worry about getting caught.
This kind of life tough, most will do it till they have kids or reach 40s then slow down (back to the 44hr week) once they have the savings, their house mortgage stable etc.

I am very old school lol, believe that we should work very hard when young and aim to enjoy the fruits of our labour at a older age and hopefully retire earlier than the official retirement age. That's why I thinking of going private after my residency/mmed this year (hopefully I can leave as a mmeder).
In ops, it's like you want work hard, also no opportunity for more money. Maybe your boss like you, give you more bonus that's it (end up maybe just 1 month more only)
I once ask my polyclinic boss for locum on Sat morning (we schedule to work alternate sat, I volunteer to locum on the other 2 sat that I am off, he say cannot...but maybe also because I still resident, so got rules.) Thought about locum secretly outside but I think risk not worth it- get caught, moh delay your residency progression, lagi jialat.

Sometimes I always wondered if I made the wrong decision in joining residency (and potentially missing a pot of gold during the covid period)... It's like I have no interest in admin, education or research, or complex clinical cases. I just want to work hard, make good money (more the better, but of course in an ethical and legal way lah) and lead a simple mundane life and hopefully retire early

Anyway thanks for reading. Just venting here, as I don't know how to approach my faculty, seems that we on different wavelength with different perception of family medicine.
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