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Prior to the 2022 salary revision, the GEO3 ceiling was at around 5.6k. It doesn't take long to hit the ceiling. For most people, if their cohort promotions occurred pre-covid, they would have entered GEO3 at around 4.5k-4.8k. From there, it takes about 3-4 merit increments to come very close to the ceiling, and another couple to hit it.

GEO3s got a 10% salary bump last year. Anyone close to/at the previous ceiling would have crossed 6k.
5th geo3 here. I can vouch for this. I thought I'd be promoted to 4 this year but unfortunate not. Maybe because I've got a pass degree? Been getting B and C+ but no promotion. But that's fine. I'm too bigger down with my kids to wayang more than I need.

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