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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Complicated ones come ops.
Still give u 10 minutes per patient.
How do ops doctor cope? Chin chye lo.
Last time with simple case still can rob Tim's time to save John.
With healthier sg, gp take all the simple case
Complicated one left to ops 10 minutes each.
And how many complicated cases can ops doctor see a day?
Very chuan to see 1 already.
1 day u give me 10, I give up liao.
Chin chye do
End up become unhealthier overall.
Simple one already well controlled. Give cm see also no problem
Uncontrolled one now no one save them.

All this tell tan chor chuan already.
He throw smoke bomb at us.
Bloody hell retirement mode is like this.
No what. Just leave ops to gp land to see simple cases.
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