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more than enough.

Don't buy too much into the healthier SG thing. Its KPI based and they are not gonna find it financially rewarding managing the poorly controlled DM on 4 OAH , 3 anti hypertensives , overweight and smoking to earn a $25 consult fee. Probably metformin / glipizide cannot control refer to poly liao.
See urti sell MC , pseudo meds like leftose with a course of standby augmentin nets u more money.

normal to feel u cannot pass at R3 level. Trust me , R4 time u will suddenly improve a lot one.

what's up with the GPs in this thread? Find it amusing that they keep assuming that residents / m.medders cannot survive in the real world. No need to keep harping like a broken record man. Macham like the buay tak chek kids keep telling everyone they are street smart and will make it big in the real world while the booksmart kid not flexible in life and will just farm their 4K salary after university degree.

Thats right, OPS is the future! GP is the past.
Go get your weekend allowance.
I better not hear anyone who wants to quit ops.

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