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Originally Posted by John Doe View Post

I have been in a stat board for 5 years and currently holding a MX11A equivalent position and pay.

Thinking of moving to a Ministry but wondering which of the two options: (1) via movement policy (retain same substantive grade, pay and leave benefits) or (2) quitting and joining as a new hire (possibility of being able to negotiate for slightly higher pay, maybe a redesignation from AD to DD but potentially lose leave benefits though does not really apply since I am on 18 days leave instead of 28 days leave scheme) would be a better options assuming the HR of the Ministry agrees to either option.

(3) Secondment and (4) Structured job rotations are currently not being considered by me as I do not wish to return to my existing agency plus I am a generalist and not a specialist under the typical job rotation domains (e.g. HR, procurement, PE etc).

Would appreciate any advice / thoughts on the matter please. Thanks in advance!

If a redesignation to DD is taking up a MX10 position, then no need to thinks just go for it. After 10 years of service you get 3 more days of AL. Not very useful as I typically cannot finish clearing my leave one. Usually will take many half days to rest and clear.

So retaining years of service not very useful to me

If you can join at a MX10 role, even if you start on as an “Acting” and on MX11A, as long as you don’t screw up you will become MX10 quite fast

Then you can choose to cruise… or you can see if you wanna try and be a superscaler in 10 years’ time

Simply better than staying out at MX11A or movement policy to another MX11A estab post

But dunno how the non poaching rule work. You may have to quit without offer first if you want to get a MX10 estab role
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