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Like what was mentioned in one of the earlier posts, to manage your workload, you should consider assigning less homework, assign MCQs as homework, get students to do peer or self marking for immediate feedback, reject one to one consultations, instead get students to leverage on one anotherís strengths to address queries, only if the whole class doesnít understand then reteach. You will be amazed how classmates can influence one another positively in their school work.
Easier said than done. If feasible in the first place.

Maybe MCQs still possible for pri school. For sec school and above, questions are usually written responses and essays. And teachers need to read through them thoroughly, because ideas need to be expressed correctly and grammatically. Some students' language skills are really terrible, and you don't want them to teach their peers the wrong thing.

And there are terrible assumptions made. These suggestions assumes that there are some students who are competent in the subject, and are able, and are willing to explain to their classmates. Some classes are so bad, usually math classes, where there's no such strong students to do peer learning. More so for NA, NT and tail-end express classes.

With FSBB, from what I see, most teachers already do not have time for one-to-one consultation. In my school, the normal timetable ends at 3pm, and I need to continue with additional lessons for grad classes until 5.30pm.

Giving less work is not really an option. Work is clearly set out in the SOW. Every class in the level must cover these pieces of work. Students must be given roughly at least 1 piece of work per week. Think this is common practice across schools, no?
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