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Here's a tip.. if you spend all your time believing that you are already the busiest person in the school, and you are the only one who has little space left on your plate, while your colleagues are all shaking leg and deserve to work harder, then you are the one with no organisational awareness. You are the kind of scum who believe PE teachers only come to work to shake leg, and aesthetics teachers should be the ones planning Speech Day and Open House because you are "so damn busy already".

A lot of the total workload that a given school needs to take on is also not determined by the P, VP or HODs. The total workload has gone up in light of policy driven HBL/BL, FSBB, YOY national reduction of EO headcount. This means that on average, all teachers, not just you, experience greater workload. It is foolish to think that you will always get what you want if you tell your boss to pass the work to somebody else. You may get a temporary respite if you are going through particularly tough periods, but don't abuse it because this comes at the heavy expense of your immediate colleagues. Everyone's plates are equally full because the new normal workload has already changed at the Ministry policy level.
Like what was mentioned in one of the earlier posts, to manage your workload, you should consider assigning less homework, assign MCQs as homework, get students to do peer or self marking for immediate feedback, reject one to one consultations, instead get students to leverage on one anotherís strengths to address queries, only if the whole class doesnít understand then reteach. You will be amazed how classmates can influence one another positively in their school work.

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