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HOD can fight for teachersí grade to be B. Can propose raise CEP but most wonít because they scared you will overtake them. Also, HOD can reject tasks for their teachers. Eg. the marking load in the department is already high because of lack of teachers, do not assign my teachers for event planning. Do not assign my teachers as the form teacher of more challenging classes. Give it to music teacher who has no marking. Give it to the math/science teachers who are often in excess. HOD CAN DO SOMETHING but most donít do anything because they donít want to rock the boat.
Aaaand this is why you are not HOD material. You have no organisational awareness. If your HOD "allows" you to get difficult form classes, it must be because your HOD has no ability or will to push this difficult class to "somebody else who deserves it more". Wow, just wow. Fight for your grade to be B? Ha ha ha. For someone who is so narrow minded and expects his boss to fight for his selfish unrealistic needs at the expense of the wider school needs, you should be glad your HOD doesn't volunteer you to tank the C- for the year.
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