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Can I ask, in general is the starting pay for RP/FP (mmed) the same for everyone irregardless of their pgy years.
I am a FM r3, who recently attended a career talk from ops. They were sharing basically if we pass mmed, we will go down the FP-AC track and if we fail, we will go down the RP track until we pass.

There were many questions regarding pay and benefits but the HR response was the standard "it depends".
I always thought the starting pay for RPs and FPs should be the same since we are joining a new institution (i.e from mohh to ops) Subsequent pay progression depends on performance of course.

I.e a pgy 5 (who just pass mmed) should have exactly the same starting salary, leave benefits etc as a pgy 8 who pass mmed in the same year, if they are offered a FP role post mmed

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