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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Exactly. The ministry is set to troll me thereís nothing I can do. Everyone probably think I am getting the job since the hr went to contact my current manager. If the hr is not 100% confirmed they want to hire me, they should not even reach that stage.

Just to declare before any guys decided to flame me, hr verbally offered me the job with $$ discussed initially. I accepted and the hr went to reach out to my manager.

I can accept the fact if the hr decided to u turn on me due to my issues (eg bad appraisal from manager, issues with my clearance, discrepancies with any info I provided). But apparently, none of the issues happening is my fault, and hr is not disclosing anything else, except offering me a (worst off) revised offer.

Iím not asking for any pity, but just wanted to check if anyone else encountered similar experience before, and if there are any solutions I can do at this stage to savage this. TYVM.
so long as things are not signed on the dotted line, employer has every right as well to revise the fine print of the hiring.
if the other side short change u by undercutting the offered pay significantly, then got to talk things out.

and be glad tt the offer is still on the table for u to take, albeit with some pay revision.
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