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Default Understanding AYH and SH roles

Hi readers,

would like to seek some advice here, if possible. Recently my RO spoke to me and asked if I was keen to take on a KP position. It was somewhat hinted about the possibility for an AYH or SH position, as he asked what is my interest like for each of the job scope.

I have fairly limited knowledge of these two roles and from what I understand and observe regarding these two roles in my current school:

AYH: Deals with student development programmes (i.e. organising cohort level programmes like camps, talks etc.). Also work closely with Form Teachers to monitor and tackle "student cases" which can range quite a bit.

SH: Mainly focus on subject coordination, planning of work/SOW for the subject, work with department teachers.

Is there anything else that is part of being in each of the roles? I know it can vary from school to school, would be great to find out the common trend.

What I am curious is, are they fairly similar in terms of job workload. Or does one take up more time than the other?

I know that both are SEO1 equivalent sub-grade and would like to find out more from anyone, especially if someone who has been in the role?
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