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You think they care?

There's always new young blood joining. They don't care if people leave. In fact, if you leave, even better. Free up places at the top.

A blind person who has never seen colour, will not know what they are missing.
A person will not know what they missed out if they have never experienced it.
The newbies who have been overworked since the day they joined, never knew how overworked they are. To them, working 90h week is 'normal'.
The old birds who have been around since the time when teaching is literally just teaching, know better.

For the senior management at HQ, feel free to look up their career history.
Mostly fall into 2 types. MOE OMS or PSC scholars. Both types have fast tracked careers, where they spend minimal time teaching. Some PSC scholars have never taught a single day in their life before. Some of the senior management are scholars who are rotated from other ministries.

Why care for welfare of the underlings, when they can squeeze the life out of them, extract maximum productivity, achieve their KPIs and move on to the next cushy role PSD has mapped out for them?
More ppl should read this comment.
VPs and Ps are actually very free to run tons of non-value-adding meetings cause they do not teach any classes. Give them the worst classes to teach so as to learn about empathy.
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