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We are both 53 yo, planning to retire at 55.
When we reach 55, we will get our CPF ($200k). We will also put money in CPF Life Enhanced Retirement Sum. We also have other sources of passive income. In total our passive income $70k pa from 65 yo onwards.

To fund our retirement from 55 yo to 65 yo, we need cash. We can sell our condo for $1.1 mil and buy a 4 room HDB flat ($500k), which will give us a net cash of $600k. Our CPF $200k. So we have cash $800k. We will need about $400k for the ten years ($40k pa).

Looking forward to retiring at 55. There is no need to work until 65 to 70 yo. Some people die in their 50s and 60s. There’s no guarantee we won’t be one of them. Work so hard and never get to enjoy retirement. So sad.

When we die we will leave behind for our children our HDB flat, cash, stocks and life insurance payout.
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