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Does working at AST actually boost a teacher's portfolio or accelerate promotion, just like going to HQ?
Not unless both conditions are fulfilled: 1) the officer is very early in their career; 2) their performance is outstanding compared to their peers.

It may be a portfolio boost if one is trying to climb the teaching track, but I wouldn't go as far as to say it is a tool for accelerating promotion.

If you want to accelerate promotion, rewind back to 18 y.o. and get a scholarship. Otherwise, the next best option is to work extremely hard and smart in your first 5 years or so. You need to get your CEP adjusted as high as possible as early as possible, which will unlock opportunities like "tea sessions", FLP, FHQ posting, etc. If you wait until after that to chiong, your opportunities will be diluted. In this reduced hiring climate where most of the new teachers coming in are scholars, you need to really have an edge if you have aspirations to climb.
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