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take screenshots and send?

but someone here mentioned that MOE already knows, but the feedback is completely ignored? dunno if "engagement" sessions really help...
The engagement sessions are not mean for rank and file to engage the leadership with their problems.

It's the other way round.

It's for the leadership to engage with the rank-and-file, that they should not be complaining.

Too much marking? Use SLS

Facing emotional stress? Can use MOE Chatbot, or speak to your Wellness Ambassador, or buddy, nevermind that they have their own heavy work to do.

Not enough teachers? Tell you that teachers are in excess, continue to cut headcount. Implement home-based learning days so that schools can continue to run amidst teacher shortage.

Working hours are too long? Reduce the number of items teachers can declare during the annual updating of teaching information, and put a cap on the number of hours teachers can declare. Hey presto, an overworked teacher is instantly transformed into a freeloader who works very few hours in a week. Now we need to cut the excess headcount further

What problems?

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