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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
6pqe disputes litigation lawyer here interviewing for inhouse roles

why do most companies says my liti experience not relevant and didn’t want to match my salary? I would think my liti exp can help prevent companies from getting into disputes, which is more valuable than a corp lawyer.

Anybody has similar encounter?
Lol. Appears that you have a limited understanding of the role of an in-house lawyer…

In-house counsel generally look after the legal affairs of the entire business. Is a company’s business litigating and avoiding litigation? I’m gonna answer that for you to say probably not. A large portion of the work relates to reviewing commercial contracts (relevant to the business) and keeping the day-to-day legal affairs in order (e.g. drafting resolutions, checking older contracts, etc.). Litigation (even preventing litigation) is a small portion of that. Would your 6PQE of disputes experience help you in these tasks? If yes, then you’re not selling yourself well. If no, then you have your answer…
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