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Eh bros and sistas, I wanna share with y'all about working in Accenture. Confirm plus chop, it works you like a dog, sia. Every day kena OT until your eyeballs also blur. And the workload, ho seh lah, non-stop like MRT train.

But hor, listen up, eh, got good news also. Accenture got damn good exit opportunities. Wah, like cannot believe sia. Once you survive working in Accenture for a few years, you can chut pattern and go work for other big companies like Google or Facebook. Or you can even start your own business and become a boss leh.

So, if you can tahan the grind and are willing to sacrifice a bit of your personal life, maybe working in Accenture can be worth it for the long-term benefits. Jia you, everyone!
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