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Proof that ppl here do not know what they are on. A new EP in B4 can easily pull in between 600k to as high as 1 plus million, depending on their seniority as well.
What about mid tier firms?

On first analysis, one would assume that the mid-tier EP comp ranges are slightly lower because their top lawyers' charge-out rates are considerably lower than those in B4. However, there are other factors to consider:

1. Firm's lawyer leverage ratio: B4 non-EP to EP leverage is very high (i.e. tons of non-EP fee earners doing grunt work and billing/generating revenue, but in turn the firm has a very high cost base due to staff salaries). In mid-tiers, leverage is usually much lower (i.e. EPs do much of the work and bill at higher rates, and firms' salary expenses are lower because the fee earner teams are very lean).

2. Equity distribution: In smaller firms, equity is closely held by a few key partners whilst the equity partnership is bigger in B4s. So some mid-tier EPs may be making bank and even exceeding the drawings of some of their B4 EP peers, but 90% of the other partners in the firm are mere salaried.
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