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Next year I will be 55. I will set aside $309k for my CPF Life Enhanced Retirement Sun (ERS) so that I will receive $2500 pm at 65.

I will also retire next year as I have $500k (cash + CPF) for me to spend from 55 to 65. I will not spend the whole amount. I expect to spend $30k pa in retirement.

My 3 bedroom luxury condominium unit is fully paid up and I am debt free.

My CPF Life and condo are my retirement assets.

Although Iím not rich, I consider myself lucky and successful in life.

Time for me to relax next year. Iíve been working so hard for a long time.
You are rich because you own a condo. Not many people can afford a condo.
You have planned your retirement well and deserve an early retirement at 55.
There are those few who are more successful as they retire in their 30s and 40s.
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