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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Hi all, Iím thinking of starting to apply out of my current firm.
2 going 3 PQE.

Corp assoc, small boutique firm. General corp with big enough projects here and there.

Planning to start the process in March so that I can leave my current job no later than June

1/ Are the Big 4 corp teams, FLA corp teams hiring.

2/ Which are the better larger firms/teams for career prospects.

3/What starting pay should I be looking for? Getting slightly below 6k

4/What starting pay if I were the consider in house roles

5/I have been rejected by Big 4 before, would it be worth reapplying but this was way much earlier in my career at 1 PQE

Much appreciated seniors for advice as I hope to exit the sweatshot Iím in.
re (5), not from corp (b4 liti) but have seen peers join the firm as laterals in my second year onwards, same peers who initially could not land a tc with the firm. the turnover is so high in b4

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