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How much does a retiree need? It depends on the retirement lifestyle. If he eats at restaurants everyday, drive a sports car and live in a penthouse, expensive overseas holidays every year, then he would need a lot of money.

However if he leads a simple retirement lifestyle, live in a fully paid HDB flat, no car, no expensive restaurant meals everyday, then he doesn’t need a lot.

Food (hawker centre/ food court/ coffee shop) = 3 x 6 x 30 = $540 pm
Groceries = $300 pm
Utilities = $100 pm
Bus/ MRT = $60 pm
Medical insurance = $300 pm
Miscellaneous = $200 pm
Total $1500 pm or $18k pa

Can generate passive income from spare room rental (2 x 1000) = $2000 pm

If you want privacy, no need to rent out, you can sell your flat and buy a small flat

If you have $250k cash you can retire at 55. Spend $180k over 10 years. Emergency fund $70k. When you reach 65, you will get CPF Life.

So in summary you can retire at 55 if you have

CPF Life
Fully paid flat
$250k cash

Remember: Most of us will die by 85 years old. We may be sickly at 75 (10 years). So our best retirement age is from 55 to 75 (20 years). If you retire at 70, you only have 5 years of healthy retirement.
250k can retire at 55? lmao

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