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Small update to my current situation as I have just changed jobs! Thought that my experience might be helpful to some.

A key question that I was asking at that time when I was considering changing jobs was whether taking up a contract role would diminish my negotioating power when moving on from that role, as it is known in the industry that contract roles pay slightly more in exchange for less job stability. I thought that when changing from company A contract to company B perm, I would at best get the same package as company A.

Happy to say that this was not the case. My new package after changing companies in a perm role S$124,500 as compared to my previous at S$103,600, which is approximately a 20% bump. Company medical and dental benefits is even more generous than before, which was surprising as I was previously in a large pharmaceutical company.

My job scope is still quality related, in an individual contributor role.

In summary,

1st year: part time role in a startup, S$1,000/mth working 50%
2nd year: converted to contract role in same startup, S$3,200/mth
3rd year: promotion, contract S$3,650/mth
4th year: moved to MNC, perm S$4,400/mth
5th year: no change, S$4,400/mth
6th year: moved to another MNC, S$6,750/mth contract role
7th year: 10% increment to S$7,450, still contract role
8th year: moved to different industry (F&B), S$9,400 perm role

Granted every situation is different but this might be a useful datapoint for those who might find themselves in a similar situation.

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