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Would advise you to check with the HR or recruiter better. One thing is that they will peg you to a salary grade depending on the interview performance. And once they peg you to that grade, there is a max amount they can offer, and they will not increase the grade just to give you more salary.

I'm in the same situation where they have already pegged me to a grade, and they can't really offer beyond what I'm currently drawing. Hopefully you do better than me haha, best of luck!
Actually, what are the odds of you being told what grade they are considering you for? Potentially this might be useful for us to at least suss around for the range. Obviously we'd want to extract maximum value but the reality is that we would also know that if we don't perform well enough and get promoted out of the grade, we might have to 'hentak kaki' in terms of salary increment.
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