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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
After having gone through the excruciating process with this guy a few times, I think the ping pong is due to 4 things.
1. He doesn't understand
2. He doesn't know what he wants... proven when we delivered an outline to him that was 90% what he said during whiteboarding and in the order he said it, and he still amended majority of the outline changing structure and content
3. He is not able to communicate effectively what he wants, and people start guessing all over the place
4. By the time you're getting closer to what he wants, there are developments and the outline needs to be updated, leading you back to square 1 with him

Some people call it iterating. Iterating my ass. It's a bullshit excuse for not thinking through properly the first time, and wasting everyone's time going up and down and up and down on the same material.
To be fair, there is at least a 5th thing. Some Ds die die don't want to listen and keep insisting on their way, writing stuff that LCH doesn't want, or making things unnecessarily complex and with jargon when LCH doesn't like longwinded sentences and just wants people to get to the point. When LCH bui tahan already and summon you for whiteboarding then if you're down on your luck you become the scapegoat.

If you end up in the situation where your D and LCH can't see eye to eye, better to quit than be the ping pong ball tossed around between them.
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