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anyone of u actually reading this rubbish?

this is as stupid as saying why some incoming uni kids can apply to multiple unis NTU NUS etc and hog multiple uni slots because they have high poly GPA or amazing A-level scores while those who cmi one need to be on waiting list and be at the mercy of these top scholars with multiple slots

if u suck u suck, people become managers and stay there because u suck. u are crazy if u think companies retain such managers just because they are average LOL

any top company will fire a mediocre manager and replace him/her. dont be naive, u think people hog management titles? delusional kid.
bro is living in the past lol people just job hop and hold lower positions earning more than managers who stay at same place for many many years

even 17 years+ managers at google get fired, recently promoted people also fired, high performers also fired, if anyone want more money the key is to job hop and negotiate for higher pay each time
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