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you are sprouting some idealistic bullshit, describing how thing are supposed to work in an ideal world. The reality is I've seen tons of incompetent managers spending their working hours reading online news feed, online shopping, walking around chitchatting about all sorts of bullshit unrelated to work. Their total work output for the day is maybe an hour of barking out instructions/asking people to do stuff for them. Even if you gave them benefit of doubt that they were hardworking in their younger days, right now they are undeniably being a deadweight.
LMAO how does your anecdotal evidence at some garbage company you work at means that every manager at all top companies are garbage managers like the one you've seen?

your post is as stupid as that other guy's.

come back and post some actual stats or proof that managers at TOP companies are fking garbage. until then no one here gives a fk about some trash manager at a start-up that no one knows about doing nothing or you and ur selective perception where we are reading what u see rather than what's actually happening.
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