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The decision to retire is personal. No right or wrong. No one has the right to make judgments. I retired 10 years ago at the age of 43. I was able to retire early because I have worked hard all my life from school all the way to a good career. I realised then that I donít need to work anymore in the corporate world as I had enough. I donít need to work more just to buy a bungalow. Why should I? Iím now still living in a luxury condo. I donít need a bungalow. The last 10 years have been the happiest years of my life.
You have made the right decision. Our life span is about 85 years, so you have worked hard half of your life and enjoy another half of your life. Actually maybe less as our health will not be good starting for the last ten years. So if we retire at 65, the good retirement years where you can enjoy traveling and doing active activities is only about ten years. Retiring in your 40s can allow you to enjoy retirement for more years.

Yes, you donít need to work harder just to afford a bungalow. Iím sure a condo will suffice, in fact you are fortunate to own a condo in Singapore. 80% here live in HDB flats.
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