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CEOs & CTOs naturally don't have very long tenures, I'm not bothered about those. I'm referring to those whom like you said, reach management title by 50, then keep on working forever. Lets be real, they ain't jop hopping at their age, they are most likely staying forever till their late sixties or whatever the govt increases the retirement age to by that time.
Then you don't really have an argument here at all.

If we are not even talking about CEOs roles where not anyone can just become one by working hard, this whole argument is pointless. Managers are managers because they worked for it. That's all. There's plenty of hardstuck associates / juniors or even seniors after 10-15 years because they either

1. Don't give a fk
2. Suck at their job

Majority of the time, it's 1, especially for this generation of people where we have things like "quiet quitting", ability to make money on the side through online, etc and other things.

Anyone can become a manager with enough effort. It's not impossible, it's just a matter of when do you actually get it, at age 40? 45? 50? and at what company but to become the next CEO? CTO? That's a whole different story. You need connections, need to beat your competitors, need to impress stakeholders, etc.

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