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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
wah if it's via referee check, something pour sand into your bowl to screw it up or what knots which is like quite chek ark leh

assume u have truthfully declare the stuff in the application
gone to the latter stages of the hiring process only to be tio reject, either referee blow whistle for offside or the hiring budget/paper at MOE side tio freeze or what knots

i personally come across hiring side ask for my cert / transcript and stuff
haven't even reach / smell any interview chances

they jitao reject my app after i submit the documents

i was like in my mind: then in the 1st place why ask for my document/transcript/birth cert etc?

That's why. Not sure if it really is because of the sheer volume of applications or they really need to relook at refining their hiring process. Oh well...

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