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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Iím not asking for advice lol ó I was replying, as someone who made the jump to a better place. Itís a tedious and painful process but very worth it. This may surprise you but people do leave in the middle of a TC or drop a TC late in the timeline and they open up spots that arenít necessarily advertised. A lot of your success depends on timing and you can count on everyone else thinking itís impossible and not even bothering to check or try so late in the period. Thereís certainly no harm in trying. Obviously before you jump you need to secure an offer first, so what is the harm? I donít understand why youíre trying to convince juniors something is hopeless and not even worth the attempt but itís got more to do with your issues than their situation. Frankly if your point was that some places donít offer TCs maybe you wouldíve had a point. But thatís not the topic here is it?
What youíre in essence trying to say is no harm shooting for that slim chance at getting a TC with an intl outfit because hey, nothing is impossible right?

What I am trying to say is itís practicable advice to finish your TC and look to lateral afterwards. I donít think there is anything in that which remotely hints that itís hopeless and not worth the attempt. I question your competence as an advisory otherwise.

So it does seem like youíre living in your dream, and more power to you that youíve managed to switch to an intl outfit midway through your TC at a b4 (taking this at face value and giving you the benefit of doubt).
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