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I have been working for them for many years. This year would be the 12th year. The first year my pay was $1.6k gross. Every year there is a increase of $100-200. After working for so long my pay right now is $3.8k gross. Previously, it was lower at $3.2k before I convinced them to increase a bit because I really felt it was too low. Bonus is always standard 1 month.

My dad is mid 60s, mom is few years younger. Both are working in this same business and I work for them. Some background, We live in a 4 room neighborhood condo maybe worth estimated $2.3mil now fully paid. They are lucky in the sense that they don't earn much but have some kind of property luck. The first condo they bought was like $600k++ many years ago and through flipping they managed to get to here. But while assets we are not bad I can sense that they are cash tight and we are probably "poor" if you were to measure wealth by liquid cash.

Because of this situation, they are probably going to working as long as possible. They have repeatedly used the guise that this is "My business" eventually to convince me to stay and keep repeating that I am very blessed while many people don't have a job.

Personally, I feel that I am being made used of. Pay after working 12 years is other people's starting pay or lower. I feel like I'm always in their grip and there isn't much earning potential in this job. Granted, I am only a diploma holder and there are some pros to this job. For e.g, always go home on time 9-6pm. Weekends free and also there are times where there is nothing much to do. So if you are looking for a comfy job it is ideal but then my focus is trying to make as much money when I am relatively young.

why not see the situation in a better outlook? Look for ways to improve their customer network, more leads, more sales. Use your youth to modernise their business potential. With more sales, more profit sharing will follow. I dont see how your parents property has a link to you working for them. Your parents will likely pass it to you anyway. They are probably waiting for you to level up and grow their business. Give your all, regret none.

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