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Hi fellow audit senior/associates, audit senior manager in one of the big 4 here. Here are some tips to be mindful to prepare for upcoming peak. Before you guys go on block leave please make sure the following below is done
- sent out all audit request lists to the various dept of ur client
- complete all interim controls testing and relevant documentation
- interim substantive analytical procedures
- management letter points
- P/L interim substantive testing
- Prepare and send out all YE confirmation requests
- inventory counts
- also, make sure flag out what are the working papers are ready for review and what is outstanding currently (including valid reason why is it outstanding)

If any of the above is not completed, strongly suggest that you guys complete it during your block leave so that peak season will be manageable for you guys. Generally as a senior manager, I expect my guys to finish the above before they go on their block leave so that I can review the work done during that period.
Actually hor, the fact that the same taskings can be repeated over and over for years shows very clearly that audit is mainly process driven. It's not "high value" bespoke work like consulting. Which explains why pay scales are so low.

Audit is definitely ripe for replacement by automation. Auditors should be very very scared because their jobs are one of the first in line to be replaced by AI.

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