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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
This has got to be the furthest bullshit so far.
Micron is surely as competitive as hell and having it in your resume is like having a premium resume. Tge semicon industry is thriving so micron is riding this wave seemingly that's only going to rise higher with EV, IOT, telecoms etc joining the race.
But they aren't stupid. They don't pay for mediocrity.
Having 5k as a basic pay even with just 1 month bonus puts you in the top 30% of all tax paying residents in Singapore. And do you think micron is going to be that stupid to do that by putting a zero into that income bracket right away?

You know nothing about the process, you don't know how corporate comms work, you don't know your competitors, your customers, your suppliers. You don't know where your products are going. You just got good school grades. And in the corporate world, good school grades don't mean real world results.
Using only school grades on a chartered career is the mindset of singtel, ST, judging competence only by school grades. Because they are insulated by a boat, they aren't really swimming in the pool.

So, the way i see it, the one who started it all of this bullshit never worked in mnc before. And judging by the response, it seems clear many can't think critically too.
this aged like milk 😂

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