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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Hi helpful friends, question about moving from private to public.

Saw a post where itís mentioned they will not match your last drawn pay but instead peg your compensation based on their internal pay scale.

So someone with low years of experience but high pay (example 5 years earning 10k) will not find it favourable to move into public.

What about someone with high years of experience but low pay? Example got 8 years but still earning low 3k.

Can take advantage and suddenly get more than 4K 5k in public?

Does it work this way? Thanks in advance.
I think you were referring to my earlier post. In sum, your understanding is correct.

For the former scenario, in most cases the HR will find it very very hard to justify why a person with 5 years of experience is earning that scale (because of internal parity). For example, a person with 5 years of experience is typically an SM or at most an AD. But the pay scale of 10k is DD already. I'm sure there are exceptions for exceptional people, but these are probably very rare.

For the latter scenario, I won't call it 'taking advantage' of the civil service, but rather u have been 'taken advantage' of in your current role. This assumes your years of experience are really relevant to job applied for of course.

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