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You are already much better, I am only getting 3.6k now & doing the same sh1t as well. They even throw organizing townhall session, volunteer activities and family day at me now saying this is for development purpose

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Hi I use to work as in Learning & Development (nice word for training) for 14 months, have now moved on to something else. Just sharing my experience for those interested in training.

I considered L&D as a career because impression was internal trainer, interesting things like competency analysis and design curriculum. So I join a French medical supplier hoping to learn all that. Turn out it was completely different.

My duties consist of filing, training plan documentation, chase for attendance records, update database to adhere to the People Developer standards certification which they were trying to get. When it came to actual training, it was more like event management, booking hotels, arranging transport, AV, buying things like straws, cardboard, markers for team games and compiling slides which the senior managers wanted.

Honestly I donít understand why they need to pay a L&D Manager 4.8k to do all this clerical work when they can just hire a experience administrator for half the price. I assume that the company was just disorganized and donít know what training is about, but now I read other comments seems this is the norm?
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