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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
FCH honours Auditor
- Associate 0-2 yrs working exp (3.5k)
- Senior 2-4 yrs working exp (4.8k)
- Manager 6 yrs working exp (6.3k)
- Senior Manager 9 yrs working exp (9k)
- Partner 13 yrs working exp (20k)

Loser who quit after experiencing one peak
- Executive 1-2 yrs working exp (4k)
- Senior Executive 3-4 yrs working exp (5k)
- Manager 7-8 yrs working exp (6.5k) and probably stuck there for his entire career due to being pigeonholed in his role and lack career progression

Long term auditor win, short term loser win. Auditor drive Lambo to work in long term while loser take mrt
3.5k starting?

holy fk... so fking garbage.
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