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This endless foreign vs local debate is tiresome and never ends. In my experience:

Local grads tend to overstate how tough and 'rigorous' their education is and understate how many of them are still slogging away in small or mid sized sweatshop firms. Obviously the subtext is that they're much more academically accomplished than foreign grads for getting in and thriving in a pressure-cooker environment. But they're simply resting on the laurels of their A Level results which may not correlate with eventual career achievements in practice.

Foreign grads tend to understate how little they study for law school and overstate how many are working in international law firms. Obviously the subtext is that even without putting in the same academic effort, they can breeze through the tough selection processes for international firm roles and are equally if not competent in practice. But this seems to be borne out of a 'chip' on their shoulder of being seen as inferior.

This bickering has been going on for 20 or so years and neither foreign nor local law grads are going anywhere. So can you people just stay in your own lanes and focus on yourselves.

Correct, although most of the time I tend to observe that local grads are the ones who start the bickering, with the overseas grads defending their stance. Iím from a local uni by the way.

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