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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
You gotta love Singaporeansí ability to trap themselves in a well that is Singapore. All these pissing contest about how great NUS or SMU is and the all hail local unis propaganda when your supposed low ranking UK / US / AUS law grads are swimming in the intl firms.

Even for those that arenít working in intl firms, they sure as hell are being treated better in Manchester / Sydney / whenever they choose plant themselves with their overseas LLB, as compared to the most prestigious b4 firms here in Singapore.

I guess people shouldnít rain on your parade, since thatís all you guys have to go on about.
I'm in an international firm and studied in NUS bro. Worked my way up from mid tier somemore. In spite of not coming from some angmor university and not having a fake sarong party girl accent acquired after 3 years overseas. What does that make me?
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