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But bro, the suss law degree not cheap. Nearly 160k. Passion is passion, but why should one slave away for "passion"??? How can one pay for this law degree on top of pursuing normal things like getting married z buying a house, and having children?

I do have some desire to do criminal law. But the cost of the degree turns me off. It is too expensive. I cannot afford it without metaphorically killing myself. I believe one must take care of themselves before they can take care of others.

I assume 160k is the SUSS JD without tuition grant or any sort of bursaries? There is quite a wide range of bursaries and study awards on offer for SUSS.

Genuine question, what's the point of going for SUSS when the SMU or NUS JDs seem much cheaper (around $75-80k presumably unsubsidized). And SUSS' reputation doesn't come within a mile of the other 2 schools.
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