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Ya sia. If you are GEO3 and you only work 44h a week and completely stop working after that, you not even gonna get C grade every year. You may prioritise your T&L work and do right by your students, but you will get destroyed every year at ranking exercise because you don't contribute "holistically" to the organisation. And you will be viewed as someone who has no drive, no aspirations, or even no ability.

MOE is normalising working above your paygrade and out of your jobscope, all for mediocre pay.

Want us to work 80-90 hours, pay us 80-90 hours.
As a case in point, there was a year where I organised a camp for all UGs, prepared logistics and paperwork for overseas trip and even did extra stuff like maths Olympiad training, organise post exam activities, all on top of T&L and, committee work and CCA. And yet still get B grade. Really makes me wonder what it takes to get an A. MOE just never fails to disappoint.
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